Our process at House of Hope is simple, Biblically based counseling, in an informal, relational setting.  Our counselors and prayer teams work one-on-one with women, to help guide them to a place of healing and restoration using the power of prayer and  the Word of God as the foundation.  We believe that the Lord holds the key to physical, emotional, spiritual healing for all of us.  We allow the Holy Spirit to direct our conversation, as well as the next steps towards healing and freedom.  After the initial 'crisis' stage is over, we mentor women and help direct them into a deeper relationship with God, encouraging them to read the Bible, showing them specific verses that speak to their situation.  We teach them to seek the Lord on their own and develop a rich prayer life of their own.   Ultimately, it is through a relationship with Jesus Christ that women experience the redemption, healing, and restoration only he can provide.