Lauren's Testimony

"Prayer is such a powerful thing! Let me say this again…prayer is such a powerful thing! I had grown up praying and seeing things come true but when my marriage and life as I knew it started crashing down around me I felt lost, scared, and like everything was completely out of my control. 

But after meeting with Martha, she helped me realize that something great, mighty, and powerful was in my control. I had the power to pray for my husband and marriage and fight the spiritual battle on behalf of my family. 

So much was wrong and dysfunctional at the time we first started praying. I felt overwhelmed even thinking about all the things that needed prayer. So we decided to focus on three things at a time and pray specifically for those three things until we saw victory.

And thanks being to the power of our great savior we started seeing tremendous victory. My husband was not only saved from a life of hard drugs but became a great spiritual leader in our family, our marriage was not just restored from infidelity but tremendous healing took place in both of our lives to truly forgive and love each other despite the past. We saw a supernatural healing in our finances too. We went from a life of extreme debt due to reckless behavior to a very comfortable life in a years time thanks to the power of prayer. 

My list could go on and on with reasons I believe Prayer is so POWERFUL! I thought I had no control in my marriage since I could not control my husbands behaviors but thankfully I learned that prayer really can move mountains. Not just the little molehills but it can move the Everest in your life. 

I owe a tremendous amount of thanks to Martha for teaching me how to pray powerfully and give it all to the One True God who can defeat the enemy and win the victories for us!"